How to Install Matrix Synapse on Ubuntu 16.04

21st July 2017 • External Guide

I wrote my first article the DigitalOcean authorship program earlier this year.

Matrix is an open standard for decentralized communication. It's a collection of servers and services used for online messaging which speak a standardized API that synchronizes in real time.

Matrix uses homeservers to store your account information and chat history. They work in a similar way to how an email client connects to email servers through IMAP/SMTP. Like email, you can either use a Matrix homeserver hosted by somebody else or host your own and be in control of your own information and communications.

By following this guide you will install Synapse, the reference homeserver implementation of Matrix. When you're finished, you will be able to connect to your homeserver via any Matrix client and communicate with others users across other Matrix federated homeservers.

You can read the full article over on the DigitalOcean community.