Desk Build 02

28th June 2016 • DIY

Building another computer desk, learning from the previous one. Again the wood is reclaimed.

Here are the raw materials, I am using the same wood for the legs as the previous table but have gone with much thicker wood for the table top.

The raw materials

As with the last build I ripped the edges off of the boards so they would fit together nicely and glued them overnight with dowels, keeping them clamped.

The rest of the wood for the frame cut to rough length and resting in place. I changed the design of the frame in this build to remove the apron which was awkward for computer chairs with arm rests.

After cutting to rough length a test fit

I build a quick cross cut sled to help cutting things to their precise size. It also made cutting the rabbit for the rear support into the legs a lot easier and safer.

Cross cut sled built to help

Here I glue the frame together, using dowels. The frame ended up being very sturdy, even without any support at the front it was much stronger than the previous build.

The supports at the top (bottom of the legs) are just there to keep the frame square and are not part of the design.

Gluing the frame together

I cut the back legs short, this is so they can optionally rest on another piece of furniture. The rest of the leg can be attached and removed with aluminum dowels when needed to rest on a flat floor.

Back legs cut to allow for shorter legs

The table top after sanding and varnishing.

After sanding and varnishing the table

Here it is in its final place with the legs shortened so the table can rest on the draws below.

the table in its final place with short legs