Desk Build 01

10th June 2016 • DIY

Building a computer desk from reclaimed wood, most of which came from old pallets.

I ripped the edges off the wood on the table saw to give a smooth edge and glued them together with dowels. Letting it set over night with clamps.

The table top glued together

Here is a quick test fit showing how the desk should fit together, the wood is all cut to final length and is just resting in place.

A test fit after everything cut to length

The table apron is stuck to the legs with glue and dowels, here the table top is just resting on top of the clamps to show how it will look finished.

Gluing the frame to the legs, table top resting above

After planing the table top and a lot of sanding later, starting with 60 grit and finishing with 220.

After sanding the table top resting on top

After the first coat of varnish. The colour of the wood does not come out well in the photo, the darker boards are a lovely pink colour.

After the first coat of varnish

The full table in two pieces after the last coat of varnish.

Varnishing the frame and table top

A close up of the table top, the varnish is still wet.

Close up of the varnished table top

This is how the finished table looks, an IKEA glass table top held with clear rubber pads to provide a perfectly smooth writing surface.

Preview of table with glass on top

Here is the table in its final place with the computer on top.

The table in its place